By HOB Social Media Team

Compiled from Shopper’s Comments

This lovely note arrived in a thank you card from an appreciative shopper a few years ago. It’s one of our favourites, particularly because hand written notes are becoming such a rarity these days.

Recycled Angels | Recycle Angels

A woman from Victoria was in the shop recently. Her husband passed away in hospice care not too long ago. She wanted us to know that he had endearingly referred to those who work in hospice as “Recycled Angels”. One of our Hobbit volunteers suggested “Recycle Angels” (without the d) might be a similarly fitting name for our many HOB Charity Shop volunteers.

Fabulously Flamboyant Thrifters

Adrienne, a regular HOB Shopper with a fabulous sense of style is often asked to be photographed by Kerrisdale businesses but rarely agrees. This day in the shop, she said, “I’m happy to pose for you because I support your organization and all the good ‭you do at The HOB”.  Adrienne makes her trademark floral headpieces herself.

“Accessorize, Accessorize!” exclaims 90-years-young regular shopper, Poppy. She is an engaging personality who never fails to entertain Hobbits and shoppers alike with her laughter and zest for life.  She is always happy to express her joy of fashion for the camera.

Judy of says in one of her weekly Blog posts FASHION FOR HOSPICE – “Juried items and immaculate organization make it all shine. Dedicated to excellence with a twist of fun, their passionate volunteers make shopping enjoyable.”

Other www. Quotes:

Kathryn McF – “I found the HOB last year and I have amassed an entire professional wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.”

Eva M. – “I’ve been shopping at the HOB for about two years. I have never owned such high quality clothing and received so many compliments…pleased to not be fuelling the fast fashion industry.”

Jan J. – “I am a committed re-use, recycle advocate. HOB is my Go-to shop…selection more interesting than one sees in the high street shops.”

 Gwen W. – “The best hidden secret…knowing the money goes to deserving people. Thank you for volunteering.”

Jennifer Z. – “Bought a pair of cowboy boots here at a reasonable price. Definitely my future shoe store. Staff are very kind helping me making buying decisions.”

Karin T. – “The best shopping experience…very helpful for people with a challenged fashion sense.”

Denise L, – My favourite thrift store and I’m a bit of a connoisseur of second-hand.”

Gevee C. – “Love this place. Great finds and fun staff. I’ll be back soon.”

Repeat thrifters are our base

New thrifters our future


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