By Jan J.

My friend regularly comes into town to meet me at The HOB in Kerrisdale. We check out what’s new in the shop before having coffee together. Needless to say, we always find something we can’t live without. In June, she called to tell me she’d been invited to the wedding of a high profile couple in New York. It was to be an elaborate event, attended by many well-known personalities so clearly she needed to find a special outfit. However, even though she is one of those lucky women who looks good in just about everything, she was having no luck finding an appropriate dress. She had been searching for weeks and was running out of time so I decided to pop into the HOB on the off-chance that they might have something.  What a good idea that turned out to be!

I explained my mission to the lovely volunteers and they all joined in the search.  Not only did we go through everything on the racks, they also looked at some new items in the back that had not yet been tagged.  Within half an hour, we had accumulated six potentials. As it turns out, they all looked fabulous but one stood out – it was perfect.  And, as is always the case with items from the HOB, it was in excellent condition – in fact I think the original tag was still on.  It was by a known designer, beautifully cut with an accent jacket – just gorgeous!  There’s nothing like looking great to make you feel great and my friend had a wonderful time; she also received many compliments for her outfit. A special thanks to the lovely ladies who were so helpful. No matter the season or the event – you can always find something at the HOB.

An interesting post script: the HOB vintage dress (and our shopper) ended up being seated next to Princess Diana’s former fashion consultant at the wedding reception. Our outfits do get around!

Below – a small sampling of HOB Vintage over the years on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hobthriftboutique/

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