Ivan Sayers ~ Collector and Curator of Historical Fashion

Ivan Sayers met recently with the HOB’s vintage staff. He generously shared his expertise on vintage hat design, local milliners, French bee buttons as well as upcoming vintage fashion events that he is involved in.


Mr. Sayers is a well-known fashion historian, collector and fashion show lecturer based in Vancouver. He has collected period costumes for over 50 years and now has one of Canada’s largest comprehensive private collections of historical clothing.

Note: All vintage hats in this BLOG have been authenticated by Ivan, a generous supporter of The HOB and Vancouver Hospice Society.

This Blue Heart Fascinator (1938-1948) has found a new home with Ivan and it will now join his ever growing collection.

Straw Dome Hat 1950s $20

Black Plate Hat Straw/Velvet, Montreal 1952-58 

Wide Brim Straw Hat with Beige/Green Ribbon 1980s

Black Velvet Tam with feathers and rhinestones 1950-56 

Green Straw Wide Brim, Georgette Montreal 1960-70s 

Black Wool Hat with Rayon Bow on Front

Pill Box Hat, beige with netting and green/beige roses, Mayfair Hats (Mollie Entwistle) 1980s Lady Di style 

Ivan also offered his evaluation of this Racine Couture Paris suit, very French style with 8 unusual BEE 🐝 BUTTONS (buttons alone valued at $10 each)

Historical reference: Napoleon Bees. Napoleon and his beloved symbol, the honeybee.

who, what, where and when.  

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